Visiting the Clinics

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We want to make things as easy as possible when you visit the clinic to see us!

If you’re ever anxious about finding the right building/store front, suite number, what to do once you get into the clinic, how accessible things are, where to park etc., this post is for you!

Want to learn more about what to expect during your visits? You can also check out our FAQ page for more!



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The Herbal Clinic & Dispensary

Location: 409 Roncesvalles Ave.

Main intersection: Dundas St. W & Roncesvalles Ave.


  • Please check google maps for best directions (click on directions on the map and enter in your location)
  • Closest station: Dundas west station (8 minute walk to clinic)

The clinic is located behind our storefront:

herbal dispensary storefront with cream sign green background glass windows, wooden planter and accessibility ramp

Urban Wellness

Location: 489 College St. Suite 301

Main intersection: College St & Bathurst St


  • Please check google maps for best directions (click on directions on the map and enter in your location)
  • Closest station: Bathurst station (10 min TTC ride to clinic)

The clinic is located on the 3rd floor of a grey/brick building. You can find the entrance west of Snakes and Latte.

front exterior of 489 college building. grey walls with glass doors. exposed brick above


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The Herbal Clinic & Dispensary

Street parking is available along Roncesvalles Ave, although spaces are limited. 

There are also 2 other parking lots available northwest of Dundas St. W and Bloor St. (10 minute walk from there)

Urban Wellness

Street parking is available along College St. There are also several smaller side streets with parking if those spots are taken. Most have a 1hr limit of free parking. 

There are also a few parking lots available close by – they are more expensive as they are parking lots (about $4 for half hour):

  • Canada Autoparks; entrance for the parking lot is on Palmerston Ave. just south of College St. There should be a big yellow sign with a red P at the corner to direct you. Unfortunately, the google maps location directs you to the pedestrian entrance and not the parking lot entrance.
  • Bathurst St. Parking (474 Bathurst St.); outdoor parking just at the corner of College St. and Bathurst St. 


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The Herbal Clinic & Dispensary

This space has an accessibility ramp, although it doesn’t have an accessibility button. Our staff will be happy to open the door for you if needed!

Unfortunately our washrooms are not accessible as it is located downstairs, so make sure you use the washroom before coming in if you are unable to take the stairs.

Urban Wellness

This building is accessible. The main entrance has an accessibility button, and has a ramp to reach the elevators in the lobby. The elevators are a bit on the narrow side.

Unfortunately, once you get off the elevators on the 3rd floor, there are doors without accessibility buttons. The washrooms also do not have buttons but have an accessible stall. Again, our staff or myself would be happy to assist you with this if needed. Please let us know ahead of time.

entryway with stairs and accessibility ramp to the elevators
elevator doors at 489 college st.


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The Herbal Clinic & Dispensary

One of our friendly staffs or I will be at the front to greet you. Just let us know you’re here for an appointment with Suki. If we are not quite ready for you yet, you can peruse the store or take a seat in front of our windows! Once we’re ready for you, we will lead you to the clinic room. 

blonde woman waving hello behind front desk with botanical tincture displays

Urban Wellness

Once you enter the building, you can take the stairs or elevators to the 3rd floor. We are located in Suite 301 (left hand side). 

You can come on in if the door is unlocked and we’ll have someone at the front desk to greet you. Just check in with us and wait for further instructions.

If the door is locked, we are likely with a patient still, so please wait outside the door. If it’s been 10 minutes over your appointment time, feel free to give us a call!

urban wellness reception and waiting area with front desk, imac, chairs, rug, and plants


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The Herbal Clinic & Dispensary

We are very fortunate to have a dispensary as a store front. Here we have loose herbs and tinctures for purchase.

There are also

Urban Wellness

Located downtown, there are several health food stores in the area:


If for any reason, you are unable to find the recommended supplement(s) or are unable to go into the health food stores, we have an online Fullscript dispensary that can ship directly to your house!